Spatial Practices


Relationships around me are loose. Everything appears temporal and we are afraid to commit ourselves to each other. The less investments we put in others, the easier it is to stay independent. I researched the disconnection we have with each other by staging imaginary scenes in a strictly framed space visualizing the lines between hiding and showing, real and false, theatre and life. I feel the world around me becomes like a big construction of a theatre play, a stage where we act as mere players in a momentary stage of our lives. Relationships follow similar plot twists as in a theatre play. The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman suggests: “We take it, we use it and then we throw it away, we change it for a new one. We consume it. We consume love.”

00:23 (2016)
pigment print on Diasec, 180 x 120 cm.

10:58 (2016)
pigment print on Diasec.

19:20 (2016)
pigment print on Diasec.

14:11 (2016)
pigment print on Diasec.

23:49 (2016)

pigment print on Diasec.

00:03 (2016)
pigment print on Diasec.

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