23.8–18.11.2018 at The Finnish Museum of Photography, FI

The Photobooks from Finland association has conceived an exhibition and a photo book, both based on doing things collectively. Eigh artists were selected for the project in the spring 2018. The thematic starting point was the Finnish landscape.

Artists: Sara Hornig, Simo Karisalo, Karl Ketamo, Laura Konttinen, Sebastian Reis, Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, Aura Saarikoski and Emma Sarpaniemi

Curation of the exhibition and the photobook: Photobooks from Finland / Tuomas Linna, Johannes Romppanen, Karoliina Paatos, Toni Vallasjoki and Nita Vera

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.  


22.8.2018 was launched the photography book.
Drop me a line if you are interested in buying a book.



PARALLEL European Photo Based Platform
During 2017 and 2018 I took part of the Parallel European Photo Based Platform where I created a body of work Unfinished Script with the mentoring of Peggy Sue Amison. The project was exhibited in an exhibition curated by Maria Faarinen at the UGM Studio in Maribor, Slovenia and at the Parallel Intersection Zagreb at the Organ Vida Photography Festival in Croatia.

Invisible Siblings
I am taking part of a collaborative project Invisible Siblings with three psychotheraphists Riikka Airo, Maiju Tokola and Nina Torkler. The project aims to find a way to give more attention to children with handicapped siblings. It is an interdisciplinary project, in which photography is used as a tool to deal with social and psychological issues. The project is made in collaboration with Psykoterapiapalvelu Tunnetila and Leijonaemot Registered Association


Photographic Artists' Association, FI
Photobooks from Finland, FI
I work as a team member of Photobooks from Finland together with Toni Vallasjoki, Tuomas Linna, Karoliina Paatos and Johannes Romppanen. Photobooks from Finland – established in 2014 – is an association which aims to promote and archive Finnish photographic art books and publications.
Kuvasto, FI

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